Monday, October 12, 2009

Training Log - October 11th 2009

  • Run - 26.2 miles - Mohawk Hudson River Marathon

This was my 2nd marathon and my goal was 4 hours. At the half way point (13.1 miles) I was at exactly 2 hours, but my legs were already feeling like lead. Stomach issues started at mile 15 and after a few pit stops, I changed my goal to 4:30. At mile 20 I realized the stomach thing was not going away, so I planned on at least finishing sub-5 hours. Which I did.

Lessons learned:

(1) I need to train properly if I am going to meet a time goal for marathons.

(2) I need to figure out a food/drink combo that works for me.

(3) I need to increase the pace of my longer training runs.

(4) I need to harden the fu*k up before the Death Race.