Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Misc. Training Advice

Here’s training advice from Andy Weinberg (race director): "I've cc'd my friend Joe. He may be able to give you some advice on training. Seeing you live in Florida I'm thinking you can find some wildlife to train with or you can find a airboat driver who may be willing to drag you through the swamps a few days per week." "check into the florida state prison for 30 days and get in as many fights as possible."

Jack's notes - WTF?

Training advice from Joe Desena (race director): "The best training tip: jog with a sledgehammer and weighted vest."

Training advice from Tracy Cross (barn manager): "and i personally think you should still swing it (the sledgehammer) like a wild man as cars pass...."

Doug Lewis Death Race Training (Joke) :

Do not under any circumstances try to replicate this training. Doug Lewis is a very unique and "special" person and he does not reccomend this type of training for normal people! Peak Races does not endorse these training techniques! This is purely satire!

Death Race Training

Nov 2nd: Using Duct Tape and shards of shale I made a hatchet and cut down a 30 foot White pine and sawed it into 3 foot section. I then peeled off the bark using my two front teeth.

Nov 4th: At 8:00 am, I carried newly cut 3 foot logs up 1400 vertical feet, through a flowing Mad River tributary and piled them onto a rock pile I built at 6:00 am. After lunch I carried the logs back down the 1400 vertical feet and buried them in the ground vertically so only one foot was visible.

Nov 5th: At 2:00am I ran up the Antelope trail at Mad River Glen with no shoes or socks on. I then stripped off the remaining clothing I had on and tried to roll in any Animal scat I could find. I then stayed completely still for 90 minutes crouched in a gulley.

Nov 8th: To recover from Hypothermia from last workout, I put on 7 sweaters, set the heat to 77 degrees and rode my stationary bike for 2.5 hours with no fluid replacement until I finished. I then drank one gallon of water in 4 minutes.

Nov 11th: I sang the National Anthem for 55 minutes non-stop while walking blindfolded through the Winooski river.

Nov 14th: I laid down on a bed of barbed wire on my back and held up a five gallon jug of water for 80 minutes while Kelley tickled my feet with a feather duster.

Nov 16th: I watched 8 hours of "America's Next Top Model" balancing on a physioball without falling once.

Nov 19th: I tied my right arm behind my back for an entire 24 hours. I wore a mitten on my left hand the entire time and had to do a 1000 piece puzzle. The picture on the puzzle was of David Goggins playing badminton in Navy fatigues.

Nov 24th: I killed 40 Turkeys with my bare hands and de-feathered them. Then, donated them to the local food shelf for Thanksgiving.

Nov 29th: I stood in front of a snow gun at Sugarbush for 3 hours with only goggles on my head.

Nov. 30th: Took a bath.

Right on Schedule for June...

Jack's notes - WTF????