Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Race Information

What: Challenging race that may kill you - 10 miles.

Jack's notes - The race is much longer than 10 miles. Cracking your egg (yes you have to carry an egg for parts of the race), forgetting something, dropping a log etc. means repeating parts of the course over and over again. The winners in 2008 took about 16 hours to complete those "10 miles"!

When: Pre Race Meeting at 1:00 a.m.Race Starts at 3:00 a.m.

Jack's notes - Race start time is bullshit, from what I've read in the blogs, the race could start as soon as you pick-up your race packet. Expect to be sleep deprived going into the race... including but not limited to "pre-race fitness tests" in which you run/crawl/carry parts of the course.

Course: TBA - You can expect barbed wire, mud boggin, wood choppin, tunnels, deep water diving, running, crawling, crying, screaming, and sweating. Doubtful you'll finish but be proud of yourself for trying.

Jack's notes - Word on the internet is that you should expect things like getting cement blocks from the bottom of a lake, building a wheelbarrow, digging holes in rocky soil, bringing your body weight in rocks to the top of a mountain, and many other assorted suck-ass tasks. Sounds like bootcamp, a week of farmwork, and a marathon all in 24 hours. I have also read that people do not cheer you on, in fact they tell you that you will fail, and that you should quit. It sounds like a physical beating and a complete mindfu@k.

Packet Pick Up: General Store 6-8 p.m.

Jack's notes: A.k.a the real beginning of the 24 hour race.

Start/Finish: Amee Farm - Pittsfield, Vermont. 1/4 mile north of the General Store.

Parking: Amee Farm - across the street from the General Store.

Camping: We will have camping at Amee farm. This is also the start of the race.

Entry Fee: $75.00

Jack's notes - You are paying for the adventure.

Prize: Breakdown will be announced later. $2000 total.

Awards: Unique finishers awards.

Jack's notes - you probably get a bucket of dirt if you finish. BTW, 75% of people do not finish. Only 30-50 people even sign up for this "race" each year.

Aid: Water and choice of Jerky or Peanuts.

Questions for the Race Director: Andy Weinberg 309-642-2230

Accomodations: Special accommodations available for racers... inquires to